Our Restaurant

(Every family has a story. Welcome to ours! Since 1967.)

More then fifty years of tradition

The restaurant at hotel Martin is available only to hotel guests. Breakfast is served daily and is included in the price. Every day, chef Mirela prepares a different menu for guests who decide to dine at the hotel, combining top-quality Mediterranean and Continental cuisine with olive oil and vegetables from our own garden. Breakfast and dinner are served on the open air terrace with beautiful views of the sea and islands.

** Dinner is served daily from 1.6. to 1.10. Other days, if it's for groups or larger number of guests who express interest.

** Guests who do not have booked accommodation with half board and who wish to have dinner at the hotel must register in advance. Price for half board is 28 € per person.

360° view of our restaurant terrace
Pansion Martin - Podstrana

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